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Our kids boxing class is a great way for children to learn discipline, structure, technique and self-defense. It shapes the minds of our youth today so they can make the transition from a child to an adult. We incorporate fitness and socialization at a young age so they can begin to build confidence.

At the beginning of each month we award the “Most Improved Boxer,’ for the month prior. Our coach, Jr Ulloa, monitors each students progress to determine who will win a trophy and have their name added to a nameplate on the BIG trophy displayed in the front room. We also give a medal to the runner up. These decisions aren’t made lightly. Coach really deliberates on who he feels are the true winners.

So far, we are over half way through the year, and although COVID-19 was a little set back for our students and coaches, We are back on the mats giving it everything we have!

Today the new winners for July is Jacob Warren and Clara Moscovitz!

Clara is our Runner Up and Jacob is our “Most Improved Boxer” for July 2020.
Congratulations to them both for a job well done!

We are ready. Are You?

Dear Members: First and Foremost. Thank you for your patience.

We WILL be OPEN this Monday MAY 18th with a limited schedule. This is for current members in good standing ONLY. We will not be taking inquiries or visitors inside the building, this includes friends and family. This schedule will run for 2 weeks, then we will add more classes back to the roster. We are offering evening classes at this time (No day classes). We will not incorporate youth classes until June. (Sorry kids, we will see you soon!)

New Temporary Schedule is:

There is a new process for everyone which is listed below. Also, Coaches are permitted to have 16 students in the building at a time (8 partners) MAX. This is for your safety and the safety of others. Students are required to be on time for class (show up early for check- in) and our cut off will be a strict 16 students on the mats. There will be NO exceptions. 

10th Planet Students require partners that will be used for the duration of this trial period. Contact Coach Sean to reserve your spot. Again, No more than 16 students (8 partners max). 

Before Class students are required to check-in following this process:

1.) Show Photo ID

2.) Re-activate membership

3.) Take a profile picture

4.) Sign a new waiver (Parents must accompany the minor)

5.) Answer COVID Questionnaire 

6.) Forehead temperature will be taken

MEMBERSHIP UPDATE: As you know, we have frozen accounts, issued refunds and have worked with many students and families during these trying times. Beginning June 1st we will resume business. All accounts will be activated. If you do not feel that you are ready to come back, we will require a 30 days cancellation notice and the proper steps to cancel per the contract will be followed. You must communicate with in regards to your account.

We know you are excited to get back on the mats and so are we! 

IMPORTANT: Members with pre-existing conditions or living with an elderly person, and/or living with someone who has a pre-existing condition are encouraged to STAY HOME. Members who have been exposed or think they have been exposed within the last 14 days, currently feel flu like symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath, or loss of taste or smell, etc..) within the last 14 days, or have been out of the country within the last 14 days need to STAY HOME. Those who feel frightened, anxiety, conflicted or financially not able: Please, STAY HOME. No worries! We will see you when you are able to come back!


Striker COVID-19 Update

May 1st, 2020

Dear Members,

In light of the Corona Virus (COVID-19), Striker will be closed until further notice. After much deliberation as well as Governor Kemps order placing certain social distancing restrictions, we will only open in phases. We are uncertain as to the exact date we will re-open at this time. As you know we are a martial arts facility and have always kept a high standard of cleanliness however, we have meticulously sanitized all equipment, door knobs, bathrooms, seating, mats, etc.. in each building. We have also ramped up our cleaning process even more and will continue to do so from here forward. We will keep you up to date on all changes as they happen in real-time. Please continue to train at home and spend time with your loved ones. We have frozen April and Mays membership payments and are working with individuals diligently, If you were charged in error we have issued those refunds.

Our coaches are offering private lessons for an Additional Cost to good standing members only. If you have canceled for any reason you are not eligible for privates at Striker. Privates will be taught with Social Distancing regulations in place. *You will be subject to a temperature check and a questionnaire along with a new waiver, an appointment request form and a membership “good standing” check.

Click Here to fill out the request form 👇

Prices are in addition to your regular membership.

For more information on COVID-19 Please go to the website.

Blog Events Fight Night

NFC #118 Fight Night

On May 11th, 2019 two of our Fighters who consistently train and put their heart into our Muay Thai program, Dallas and Earl, brought home that W! Thanks to Coaches Jason Wolf and Jose as well as Striker Teammates Jack Di’Antonio and Rene Sanchez for cornering our Fighters!

Events Fight Night

NFC#119 Fight Night

On Saturday June 29th, three of our fighters stepped into the ring. All 3 stepped out winners:

Jason Smith – Won by Arm Bar

Christian Pilson – Won by Arm Bar

Earl Mckinney – Won by Rear naked choke

A Big Thank you to Rene Sanchez for capturing their moments on film!


We put in a Boxing Ring!

Attention members, after long consideration, Striker has decided to put in a boxing ring. We feel as though our members will truly understand boundaries, improve angles, and can spar in a realistic environment. For those seeking amateur or a pro career, this is the place to train. Our Professional coaches welcome members new to boxing, those who do it for fitness, for a hobby or taking their current skills to the next level. We feel we ARE the next level.

Boxing ring in progress
20 x 20 Professional boxing ring complete
Boxing Events

Halloween Belt Bash 2018

What a great night for these two! Rhea and Joey for the Victory! It was also a victory for Striker as well. Thanks for representing our gym in such a positive way!