Striker is Changing…

Some members are already aware that we had a flood at the beginning of the month. Unfortunately, it flooded our boxing ring and surrounding area. The ring was built in 2019, and the individuals that did the build out, did not remove the mats when they did this. Therefore we could not clean or remove the mats after the flood. We were forced to take down the entire structure to get a good look and assess the situation. Sadly, the old mats were like a sponge that soaked up a fair amount of water and became health concern along with the wood that was used to build the ring. Fortunately for us, we were were able to remedy the situation and remove everything from our building rapidly.

After careful deliberation we opted for more space eliminating the ring all together. We put 440 square foot of mats for a seamless transition to the other side of the building and re-carpeted where needed. We are still working on ideas for an additional structure simulating a ring, but for now, we enjoy having a larger area for our students to be able to move during class as well as spar.

Your next question might beā€¦Are we still allowed to spar? Yes, our program format has not changed. Sparring is part of our Muay Thai Wednesdays and Boxing Fridays and have been for quite sometime.

With that said, not everyone was pleased that the ring is not going to be rebuilt. Coaches as well as some members decided to go their separate ways. At Striker, we want everyone to be comfortable where they teach and where they train.

We feel we have an incredible atmosphere and want to continue to have a cohesive and non divisive school. Stevie, Byron, and myself are always looking for new ways to improve our gym. We welcome current, future, and past members to train with us to see for yourself.

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