StevieProfilePicAtienza Kali / Muay Thai Instructor – Steven Broughman

Steven Broughman is a professional mixed martial arts fighter and trainer who started his martial arts training at a very young age. Steven brings a wealth of experience and depth of knowledge to the SFC. He has a genuine desire to teach and train each student at a personal level and has a unique ability to relate to each student regardless of the students skill level. Steven is a fighter’s fighter and a trainer’s trainer. Steven brings over twenty-five years of experience in martial arts teaching and fighting. He was a live in student at the Wahl um Kung Fu Temple and has trained in Hong Kong and Thailand. Steven was also a decorated city of Atlanta Police officer and has trained many specialized units of the military and police force in defensive tactics and modern combatives.

Steven’s ability to teach each student comes from his breadth of knowledge and experience in several disciplines. He is extensively trained in Wing Chun Kung Fu, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, and Atienza-Kali / Escrima.

Current Ranks:

  • Black Belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu (Professor Sauer)
  • Black Sash in Wing Chun Kung fu
  • Instructor rank in Muay Thai
  • Instructor rank in boxing
  • Tuhon rank in Atienza-kali / escrima

Steven has coached many champions in mixed martial arts (MMA), muay thai, and kickboxing. Steven has also fought professionally as well. A few highlights of Steven’s fighting resume include the following:

  • 1996 Griffen MMA Champion
  • 1997 South Carolina Submission Champion
  • 2000 Atlanta Fight Night Champion

In addition to his martial arts experience and as a testimony to Steven’s personal work ethic he has been given various awards and decorations award on several occasions. He was decorated by the Secret Service while attached to the Discretionary Police force in support of the 1996 Olympics here in Atlanta Georgia; he has been decorated three times as an Atlanta Police officer, and also served as an assistant trainer for the DEA.

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Muay Thai/Kickboxing Instructor – Frank Maryska

Frank Maryska is a Brazilian JiuJitsu Brown Belt and has 17 Years of Muay Thai Kickboxing experience.

He has 10+ years of coaching amateur and professional competitors in Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian JiuJitsu, and Submission grappling competitions.

Frank has been Striker Fight Centers Muay Thai Coach at Striker for 5 years.

His Philosophy: “A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination, and hard work.” -Colin Powell

Enter the gym with a goal. Focus on the workout. Complete each rep with clear intent. Most importantly have fun. The results will follow as long as you are consistent with the work and confident in yourself to achieve your goals.

His purpose is to give you the extra little push and hold you accountable to your goal. Whether that is a technical question to a particular exercise or you need a little verbal motivation.

Head Boxing Coach Joseph


Coach doing what he loves.

Coach Joseph has been boxing for well over 20 years. 


Coach pictured here with Gloria Peek.




To whom it may concern; Within Strikers Boxing Organization
My name is Coach Gloria Peek, I have over 35 years of coaching on the amateur boxing level, I am a level 4 coach ( highest level u can obtain within the united states). I am a Aiba  level 3 coach(highest level you can obtain on the International stage). I was the first and only woman to coach both men and women on the Olympic level. I was one of the 2012 Olympic Coaches in London England. I was the Head Coach for both the men and women’s team at the 2011, XVI Pan American Games, Guadalajara Mexico. I have numerous years of experience, coaching on both International and domestic level.
I am the head coach for the Team Norfolk Boxing Club, run out of The City of Norfolk Recreation department. I have been running and developing that program since 2005.
I Have Known Joseph for over 9 years, in that time I’ve come to admire and respect him as both a Coach and a man of honor and integrity. As a coach he is extremely knowledgeable in the area of techniques needed to develop a boxer from beginner to elite level. There is only three coaches in the country I would allow to coach my boxers and he is one of them.
As a man of honor and integrity, he has developed a reputation with his fellow coaches of a man who’s word is his bond and is trusted without question. These are qualities that are not found in a lot of people today.
I would highly recommend Coach being added to your organization, he would be a excellent asset on many levels. Please note if he wasn’t so far away I would be offering him a job in my organization.
              – Gloria Peek
2012 Olympic Coach
Head Coach Team Norfolk Boxing Coach
Jr. Olympic Coordinator Virginia LBC
Vice President of Virginia LBC

More on Coach Gloria Peek

Boxing / Kids Instructor – Coach Jr

Coach Junior

In his first national tournament as an Open Fighter (17 and up with more than 10 fights) he was victorious over the #7 ranked fighter in the Nation at the time.

5-0 Pro Fighter – 4 Knockouts

16x Champion in 3 different weight classes (Holds 16 title belts)

3x Georgia State Champion

3x Paul Murphy National Champion

2x National Title Classic Champion

Georgia State Silver Glove Champion (16 under)

Ga Games Bronze Medalist

JO State Champion

JO Regional Champion

Silver Glove Regional Silver Medalist

4x Best Fight of the Night

2x Outstanding Boxer of the Night South Carolina PAL Champion

2016 State & Regional Champion, 2016 Ga Boxer of the Year

He has sparred with 2x World Champion Daniel Jacobs

Wing Chun Instructor & AK Associate Instructor- CJ Strawn

CJ has trained with Stevie Broughman since before Striker. He is one of our Instructors that has a vast knowledge in Martial Arts and its concepts as well as the anatomy and Personal Training. CJ is one of the friendliest people at Striker and welcomes questions! CJ’s skills are unlimited. Take one of his classes and see for yourself!

Wing Chun and AK Associate Instructor 

CJ’s Ranks are:

-Black sash/black belt in wing chun 

-Full Instructor rank in Atienza Kali/Atienza Eskrima

-Instructor certification in Muay Thai/Thai boxing

-Instructor certification in Bruce Lee’s Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do

-Instructor certification in the Inosanto Blend method of Kali

-Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu

 -1st Degree black belt in Korean Tang Soo Do



Head 10th Planet Coach – Sean Applegate

Adult 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Instructor, Sean Applegate.

Sean Applegate is a Black Belt under Eddie Bravo and has brought the 10th Planet Program to Georgia! Sean is our Adult Instructor and the Head of the 10th Planet program at our Facility. He brings a fresh Jiujitsu protective and is always competing, teaching seminars and giving private lessons. Come check it out!

Pictured here is: Sean Applegate (Left) Chase Hannah (Right)











Coach Sean

Coach Sean Applegate discussing upcoming tournaments and ending the class with Q&A

Youth BJJ 10th Planet Coach – Chase Hannah

Chase at the Kakuto Summer Open 2018, where he won the Kakuto Absolute Mens Division.






Chase trained No Gi Jiujitsu 10th planet program in Gulf Shores Alabama under Black Belt Instructor Sean Applegate. Chase teaches our Youth Program at Striker and has really taken our kids ages 6-12 Jiujitsu to another level. He keeps our youth engaged and teaches them functional, fun and useful techniques.

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