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Youth Boxing &

10th Planet Youth Jiu-Jitsu

Striker Fight Center offers martial arts classes specifically tailored to the needs of kids ages 6-12. These courses provide kids with a chance to experience martial arts in a way that helps to build confidence, discipline, strength, balance and agility. Our class schedules are designed to fit the needs of busy parents and active kids.  After class we encourage our youth to sanitize the equipment they use to promote a routine of cleanliness and hygiene.

We have classes 6 days a week from 45 min. – 1 hour sessions depending on the criteria. Experience levels are not predicated on time. All children absorb information differently and depending on class attendance can dictate the information they retain. 

10th Planet Jiujitsu:

Class is held on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 5:00 pm in Suite 203 (Ground Combat Facility) ALL LEVELS WELCOME. *Children should wear a dry fit shirt or rash guard with shorts or tights with no buttons or zippers. Every child should have a water for each class.


Class is held on Wednesday and Friday at 5:00 pm and then again on Saturday at 9:15 am in Suite 214 (Stand Up Facility). Make sure they bring sneakers because sometimes we go outside if weather permits. Specific days are designated for certain levels.

Boxing Schedule for experience levels:

Off the schedule class – MONDAY at 5pm: Advanced Youth Boxers ONLY. The student will need an invitation from the coach to participate. Beginner levels are not able to attend this class.

WEDNESDAY: Fundamentals Class – Beginner Boxers who need to work on Foot work and Combos should take this class. Advanced Boxers are welcome to attend this class for a refresher course and to stay current with simple techniques. 

FRIDAY: All Levels Welcome – Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced will be grouped accordingly.

SATURDAY: All Levels Welcome – Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced will be grouped accordingly.

Our facility is conveniently located at 771 Shallowford Road, just off of Canton Road. A parent or legal Guardian will need to sign a waiver and be expected to stay while class is in session. 

Speak with the Operations Manager & Co-Owner, Gina Lovvorn, in (Suite 214) before entering a class. You can contact her directly at: to set up an appointment.

The Youth programs we offer were created for children to excel. Our instructors are highly skilled and do an excellent job of helping them to fully understand techniques, traditions and the discipline needed to become a mixed martial artist. We teach our youth to protect themselves standing and on the ground. We offer Youth Boxing and 10th Planet Youth Jiu Jitsu.


Youth Boxing



We offer Youth Boxing & Jiu Jitsu for one low monthly rate!

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Youth Boxing &

10th Planet Youth Jiu-Jitsu 

We invite you to stop by and meet our Coaches and other Mixed Martial Arts Instructors. Talk with them about the program to ensure you get all the information you need in order to assess whether our program is the right fit for your child. While at the facility, ask about a free session for your son or daughter so they can experience the joy of martial arts, with some of Atlanta’s most elite mixed martial arts instructors. We have two buildings in which our Youth Programs are held. One is for the Standing and Striking Side for Youth Boxing (Suite 214), The other is for our Ground Combat for our Jiu Jitsu program which is located in (Suite 203). After signing the waiver, we encourage you to stick around and watch! In fact, it may spark an interest for you to try our adult class which begins at 6 pm! Please bring a water bottle, dress in comfortable athletic wear and get ready to learn!

10th Planet Youth Coach

Chase Hannah, 10th Planet Youth BJJ Instructor


We have the only Kids and Adults 10th Planet Program in Georgia!

Coach Chase capturing their attention.
10th Planet Jiujitsu kids

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