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Striker has a new look!

If you are a current member, you may notice that Suite 214 looks a little different! If you haven’t noticed, either you aren’t coming to class on a regular basis or your attention to detail is lacking. Whatever the case, we are excited about this change. Striker Fight Center has been in this facility for almost 13 years! We decided it was time that our members received an upgrade. In addition to putting in 100 Grey Tatami mats, we took down the netting, repositioned the flags, Hung more posters and banners, built more storage units, replaced equipment, organized our entire gym, and cleaned from top to bottom! We are currently adding carpet to the outer boxing ring and putting in minor details here and there. We are still the same gym and have the same amazing people who train with us. We will continue to provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere for our members and coaches.

Ready for class! (with the sound of Elijah demolishing those pads!)

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