Byron Lovvorn


Byron Lovvorn, Co-Owner, SFC

At the age of 14, Byron fell in love with wrestling.  The physicality of the sport peaked his interest, however it was the accountability to oneself and dedication required to be successful that kept him coming back.  The feeling of pride that came along with a victory and the desire to get back to training after a loss was unparalleled by any team sport that he had participated in before.  During Byron’s high school wresting career, which was cut short due to a knee injury, he won the Rockmart Invitational, the Etowah Classic twice, Region, was selected to the All County Wrestling Team, and placed in several other tournaments.

Several years removed from high school wrestling, a friend suggested a place in Atlanta that offered “Catch Wrestling”. With the new found popularity of the UFC and the emergence of dominating wrestlers in the sport, he decided that this could be something he might be interested in trying.  Now almost 15 years later and having the opportunity to train at elite facilities such as Obake, Jacare’s, Tiger Academy,  Triple Boxing, Tuff, and now Striker FC, he has settled in as an instructor alongside longtime friend and mentor Steven Broughman.  Throughout the years, Byron has had the opportunity to train with UFC Heavyweight Champions Mark Coleman, Randy Couture, Kevin Randleman , Olympic wrestler and fighter Tim Catalfo, and ADCC World Submission Championship Heavyweight winner Mark Robinson.

Currently a Purple belt under Juan V. Guevara and Steven Broughman, Byron specializes in how to effectively transfer wrestling moves and submissions into situations in the ring, cage, or streets. Expanding on his love for submission submission grappling, he founded the Kakuto Submission Challenge, Atlanta’s fastest growing submission only tournament. He is always eager to give share his experience on and off the mats while remaining teachable in his own journey!

Byron has since turned over the reins to Jose Guerrero to teach the Saturday wrestling class, however if you see him around the gym say Hi!

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