Genaro Tena

Sensei Genaro Tena, Judo Black belt Instructor

Gerry Tena, Striker Fight Center’s Judo instructor. Started training in judo at the age of fifteen, as part of a program for troubled adolescents. The involvement in martial arts provided an environment where he was able to grow and mature successfully into adulthood. Gerry has competed in many judo competitions as a junior and senior competitor, he was able to transition his successful experiences from judo into a mixed martial arts career. Professor Steven Broughman, Professor Juan Guevara, Coach Nathan Livramento, Coach Adam Pina, and a great group invaluable training partners contributed to Gerry’s development into one of Striker’s first and most successful fighters. While training in martial arts, Gerry worked on getting a college degree at KSU (Information Systems major). Balancing academics and athletics proved to be a challenging task, and many valuable lessons were learned in the process. The pursuit of a higher education enabled Gerry to create career opportunites for a better financial future.  Gerry’s MMA career was cut short due to a head injury in 2011, ending with a combined record of 10 wins, 2 losses. Gerry’s entertaining intros, exciting judo throws, and relaxed fighting style earned him the nickname Gerry “the Jedi” Tena.

After recovering from the injury in 2011, Gerry has been back at Striker Fight Center and continues training in grappling arts (judo, bjj, and wrestling). Today, Gerry is the Black Belt Instructor of the Judo program, and helps the current MMA fighters develop their skills in the cage. He hopes to pass on some of his knowledge and experiences for the newer generations of martial artists and fighters.


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