Gene Talbert

541162_3583300628526_1292811902_nGene Talbert, Wing Chun Instructor, found his passion for the art and science of fighting at a very young age through necessity . As the son decorated law enforcement officer who served with S.W.A.T. and specialized units. He was submerged in a environment of non sport, combative, self defense, real world and tactical styles. These early influences led him into career of private and personal security. He has sought out and had the honor to expand his skills under the guidance of some of the world’s top masters. Training in more than 15 different disciplines such as Krav Maga, Commando Krav Maga, Atienza Kali, Inosanto Kali and Wing Chun Kung Fu. He has the unique ability to adapt and intermingle styles that conform to real world situations. From simple passive ,to extreme intensive skill sets. Gene has the ability to teach to an individuals strengths and comfort levels, in such a way to bring forth second nature reaction. Gene’s focus to better understanding, how to develop and teach instinctive action of self defense ,has been a life long goal . From his view and experience ,” Martial arts should work as a function of the body ,rather than planed response to a high stress situation .

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