Coach Junior

Coach Junior – Boxing Instructor
Strength and Conditioning Coach

Pro Boxer 6-0 

Holds 9 Title BeCoach Juniorlts

4x Georgia State


3x Paul Murphy National Champion

2x National Title Classic Champion

Georgia State Silver Glove Champion (16 under)

Silver Glove Regional Silver Medalist

4x Best Fight of the Night

2x Outstanding Boxer of the Night

South Carolina PAL Champion

In his first national tournament as an Open Fighter (17 and up with more than 10 fights) he was victorious over the #7 ranked fighter in the Nation at the time. Junior has not slowed down since. Currently Coach Junior is on his path toward a National Golden Glove Championship. This year he has already sewn up wins as the Georgia Golden Glove State Champion. Soon after he won the Gold Glove Regional title. His tenacity can be seen inside the ring and his passion shows in his continuous effort to improve and lift up those around him either in his Strength and Conditioning workouts or his Boxing classes. Come in and try a class with Coach Junior today!